10 Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

It’s been very rainy and gloomy here in South Carolina so a couple of days ago I decided to start busting out the Halloween decorations. This is our favorite time of year. The weather starts getting cooler, everything is covered in pumpkin spice (and we mean everything) and you can finally slip on those boots!

Halloween is such a fun holiday for us and since it’s literally almost around the corner, we decided now was a perfect time to give you some great costume ideas for your pups.

Our example: Greta as a bumblebee and Audrey is supposed to be a honey bear. She outgrew her costume before Halloween! BOL!



Check Out Our Top 10 Must Have Halloween Costumes for Your Pup! (in no particular order)

#10. BuySeasons Ghost Busters Costume  (photo: target.com)

16249412 Who ya’ gonna’ call?  Ghost Barkers! Target $17.99 

#9. Freddy Krueger Pet Costume (Photo: spirithalloween.com)

07263700.detail.aClassic horror icon will haunt your dreams. Spirit Halloween $24.99 

  #8. Petco Pumpkin Halloween Dog Costume (photo: petco.com)

800443959800ES1Chunkin’ Pumpkin! Petco $19.99-$24.99

#7. Anit Buccaneer Pirate Dog Costume (photo: amazon.com)

41+-teXBbML._AA160_Argh mateys! Do ye dare enter aboard my pirate ship? Amazon $17.94 

 #6.  Despicable Me Costume  (photo: halloweenexpress.com)


Hehehehahahahehaheha! Halloween Express $19.99 

 #5. Winged Monkey Costume  (photo: baxterboo.com)

I’ll get you my pretty, and you’re little dog too! Baxter Boo $34.50 

 #4. Animal Planet Butterfly (photo: costumecraze.com)

 Such a furry winged creature. Costume Craze $19.00 

 #3.  Star Wars Imperial Walker Pet Costume (photo: target.com)

Come to the darkside…Target $18.99

 #2. Animal Planet Wooly Mammoth Dog  (photo: amazon.com)

41lEBJ+32IL._SP160,160,0,T_ Back from the Ice Age! Amazon $27.20 

 #1. Indiana Jones Dog Costume (photo: partycity.com)

 Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Party City $14.99 

What have you dressed your pup as for Halloween?  Share your costume ideas in the comment section below!



10 responses to “10 Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

  1. Those are all great, but I have to say the Ghostbusters one is my favorite.. And now I have the theme song in my head lol. Who you gonna call? You’re dogs are so sweet.


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