Traveling With Your Pet to Walt Disney World

The hubs and I are HUGE Disney fans.  We visit Walt Disney World at least twice a year and we don’t even have hooman children. BOL!  We soak up anything and everything Disney. We are very lucky. When we take a vacation, we have (2) sets of grandparents that are ready and willing to babysit the pups & the cats while we are gone. We have never considered bringing our pups to Walt Disney World only due to the fact we have four of them! However, did you know that Walt Disney World has 5 different kennel options available should you be able to travel with your pooch? Well they do, and all are located on the Walt Disney World property. The kennels are run by Best Friends Pet Care and one of the most popular kennels is located right outside of the Magic Kingdom.

traveling with your petWe understand how important a pet can be to a family.  Really, they are family just a little bit furrier and smaller than us. Traveling to Walt Disney World takes quite a bit of planning and that includes what to do with your furry family member.  Do you board?  Have a family member or friend that can pet sit? Depending on the total time you will be away from home, some of these options might not be feasible, too expensive or just too stressful.

If your dog coming with is an option, now your pooch can travel with you to see the Mouse!  How exciting is that? Walt Disney World Resort does not allow pets (except for service dogs) in theme parks, resort hotels or any mode of transportation so it’s very convenient that your dog can be staying in their very own Disney accommodations on property, right down the street from you.

travel with pets

Best Friends Pet Care is located right outside the entrance/parking lot to the Magic Kingdom. It’s easily accessible to get in and out of the facility. They have 45 highly trained pet care providers that are also animal lovers themselves. Best Friends Pet Care is made up of a 17,000 square foot air-conditioned indoor space, a 10,000 square foot covered outdoor runs and play areas, and 25,000 square foot dog park.  They can accommodate up to 300 dogs, cats and small pets.

Best Friends offers overnight accommodation for both dogs and cats. Your pooches can chose between the VIP Luxury Suite (226 sq. ft., flat screen TV, bed time story), the Vacation Villa (72 sq. ft., flat screen TV, turndown biscuit), the Indoor/Outdoor Suite (32-48 sq. ft. includes potty walk) and the Indoor Suite (36 sq. ft. including two potty walks).   Cat accommodations includes choices between a 2 level and a 4 level Condo.

walt disney world pets

There are a ton of activities for your pet to enjoy at Best Friends Pet Care. They offer one-on-one playtime, snacks, bedtime stories, group play and for cats they offer cookies and milk, playtime and Tuna on the Ritz. Don’t worry about your pet getting too dirty with all of this playtime. The resort also offers grooming, flea treatments and doggie pedicures!

disney pet resort

With any pet facility, you will need to provide proper documentation to show your furry friend is up to date on all of their vaccines. They have magical hours and are open one hour before the theme parks open and stay open until one hour after the theme parks close.

With anything Disney, reservations are highly recommended. Here is the contact information that you will need to book or if you have any questions on their services:

Walt Disney World Best Friends Pet Care

Phone: (877) 4 WDW-PETS or (877) 493-9738

Website: Best Friends Pet Care or Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World


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